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Natural Hydrating Serum

Natural Hydrating Serum is formulated to maintain the skin’s moisture balance and neutralize the effects of environmental damage, a major cause of aging skin. The product is paraben-free to meet consumer trends for safer and more organic products.

* Aquaxyl™(from France) - derived from natural sugars, studies (available upon request) show that this ingredient improves water reserves and limits water loss. Aquaxyl™ has been certified organic by Eco-cert.

 * Sea Buckthorn Seed oil - contains high concentrations of naturally-occurring anti-oxidants which protect the skin from environmental damage.

* Also contains shea butter, sodium hyaluronate and certified organic extracts of chamomile, aloe, and olive leaf for additional moisturizing benefits.

The unique combination of moisturizers and anti-oxidants (nature’s natural defense nutrients), helps protect exposed skin against environmental damage and keeps your skin soft, smooth and younger looking.

Each and every ingredient contained in the Natural Hydrating Serum is:

  1. Certified organic by Ecocert or NPA (Natural Product Association),
  2. Classified as a very safe plant-derived ingredient according to the Environment Working Group Cosmetics database, or
  3. 100% naturally-derived.

Apply on cleansed skin morning and evening. Use alone or under make-up.