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Night Radiance Cream

The Night Radiance Skin Cream combines both anti-aging and skin brightening ingredients to achieve more radiant, luminous, youthful-looking skin. The cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles, brightens skin, and evens skin tone, while at the same time greatly moisturizing the skin. The result is an advanced cream for achieving radiant skin and a more youthful appearance.

1-Matrixyl® (palmitoyl pentapeptide-4) - is a patented ingredient of Sederma Inc. in France that has shown to decrease wrinkle depth up to 68%.

2-Matrixyl® Synthe-6™  - is the newest addition to the famous Matrixyl® family of peptides. It acts as a wrinkle filler by smoothing wrinkles from the inside out and rebuilding the skin where it is needed, particularly on the forehead and crow’s feet.

3-Renovage® Geranylgeranone (GGA) in a lipophilic solvent - fights against all signs of aging, including dehydration, age spots, ineffective barrier function, and erythrosis. Anti-aging and protective effects against stress, by telomere stabilization and DNA maintenance (cell division). Improvement of tissue quality by optimal cell interactions (cell communication). Rebalance of cell functions (metabolism).
4-Sodium ascorbyl phosphate (stabilized vitamin C) 
Apply a thin layer over cleansed skin until absorbed. Use two times per day, morning and evening. Avoid contact with eyes.