The Anti-Aging Effects of Renovage on Skin Cells

Definition: Geranylgeranone (GGA) as a protective and corrective active substance with respect to senescence.

Properties: Fights against all signs of aging, including dehydration, age spots, ineffective skin barrier function, ptosis, wrinkles,and erythrosis.


  • Anti-aging and protective effects against stress, by telomere stabilization and DNA maintenance (cell division).  
  • Improves tissue quality via optimal cell interactions (cell communication). 
  • Rebalances cell functions (metabolism).  

Renovage is scientifically shown to reduce the appearance of the signs of aging in the skin. Most anti-aging products perform this by replacing the things the body loses as it ages, such as elastin and collagen.  Renovage does this by increasing the actual lifespan of cells, along with a other special actions.

Effect of Renovage on DNA and Telomeres of the keratinocytes:
Once a strand of DNA reaches a certain length it is considered a chromosome. The buffer at the end of each chromosome is called a telomere. Telomeres protect the chromosomes, and stop them from binding with other DNA and fusing into rings. They also play an important role in the division of cells. As a cell divides, its DNA unravels and all the information it holds is copied – except the telomeres. When the cell is fully divided and the DNA strands reform, the telomeres lose a tiny bit of length in the process each time. Once the telomeres become too short the cell stops dividing. Aging begins to occur and the skin wrinkles and develops lines and age spots.

Renovage helps to improve:

  • the ability of the skin to fight oxidation
  • the disappearance of age spots and sun spots
  • moisture retention
  • pore size reduction
  • skin elasticity
  • the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • delayed senescence; Renovage™ can extend cell lifespan by 1/3.

A clinical trial over 6 months conducted on 24 volunteers applying 3%
RENOVAGE™ found:

Cutaneous functional recovery: 

  • 34% increase in skin hydration after only 1 month
  • reinforcement of barrier (+19%) after 6 months
  • 42% decrease in pigmented spots after 6 months

Cutaneous structural recovery: 

  • increase in firmness (12%) and tone (15%) after 1 month
  • increase in isotropy (+28%) and decrease in roughness (-14%) and lines of micro depressionary network: -47% deeper wrinkles (>75μm) and 34% medium wrinkles (50-75μm) after 6 months
  • reduction of dilated pores 17% and 26% respectively after 1 and 6 months
  • decrease of 30% erythrosis after 1 month 

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